Copper Water Bottls to purify and nutralize your drinking water from Nepal -Medium size (1000 mili liter / 1 liter)

Copper Water Bottls to purify and nutralize your drinking water from Nepal -Medium size (1000 mili liter / 1 liter)

Product Code:TM-TM-CPB-A-M01
Price: 39.00 CHF Ex Tax: 39.00 CHF
Name: Pure Copper Water Bottle
Size: Medium
Product Net Weight: 288 gm, 0.63 pound (app)
Product Net Height: 26 cm, 10.23 inch (app)
Product Top Net Diameter: 5.0 cm, 1.96 inch (app)
Product Buttom Net Diameter: 7.2 cm, 2.83 inch (app)
Capacity of water: One Ltr (app)
Color: copper
Uses of Metal: It is uses for purification of water as well as helps in maintaining good health and good skin
- According to the quality of water and its miniral strength, it is suggested to clean it often with fresh lemon as per your requirement and feelings.
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These copper vessel are handicrafted by skilled Nepali artisans using traditional techniques. The storage of water in copper vessels has been recommended in the ancient texts of Ayurveda for its specific properties. It is said to balance the three 'doshas', the essential components of the mind and body. It also charges the water with its purifying and other positive properties. As most of drinking water has been treated with chemicals and circulating through often old, dirty and corroded water pipes, it has accumulated quite a lot of negative memories. Water kept in this vessel will be neutralised, charged with positive elements and brought to its natural state.

More recent researches and studies support this ancient practice and have identified a wide range of health benefits. Copper is an essential nutrients to human health. It has strong anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties with the ability to kill harmful bacterias (sterilizing effect of metals on bacteria). It also strengthens the immune system with the production of new cells and facilitates a faster healing of wounds, regulates the working of the thyroid gland as well as blood pressure, stimulates the brain, cleanses and detoxes the digestive system, and helps to maintain cardiovascular health. Copper is also a good tonic for the liver, spleen and lymphatic system. It is recommended to keep the water overnight (at least 8 hours) in its copper vessel before drinking it.

Another (app)lication is to wash the face with this water. As copper is the main component in the production of melanin in our bodies, it stimulates the production of new cells to replenish the top most layers of your skin. It also helps the body stay safe from sun damage, speeds up wound healing and covers up scars.

This water is also very good for 'jalneti' (the cleaning of nose), face washing and can also be used to water plants.

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