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GOVINDA (Dhruba) TIWARI - Planetary Singing bowls and Gong Teacher

GOVINDA (Dhruba) TIWARI - Planetary Singing bowls and Gong Teacher

Govinda Pd. Tiwari – Planetary Singing Bowls & Cosmic Hertz Sound Therapy (Sonotherapy) International Teacher, Artist/musician, Sound expert, Supplier/exporter of related products

My name is Govinda Prasad Tiwari. I was born in Nepal in 1979 in a small hilly village nested in the shadow of the Himalayan Mountains. I was blessed to have grown up in an amazingly rich natural environment, in the lap of traditional farmer family which let me to learn, study and realise the bottom basics of life. I was raised to gain great knowledge of self-awareness through self-experience though tough. I was seeing around me the harsh reality of the daily life in rural parts of Nepal. For 12 years, my daily life was to go back and forth to school for 6 days, 3 hours each day (1.5 hrs to go and same time to be back) by walk to get physical education while I have learnt life lessons through my practical life with the deep observation. The surrounding environment made my life more than a simple life. At that time I never felt lack of physical, mental and spiritual energies even though from simple Nepali village foods one never can get all the required nutrients. I did not realise that the nature's energy was nourishing me with such power that I was full of energies all the time without eating  and drinking for 10-11 hours during day it mean soft and light foods in 8 am morning another meal in about 6-7 pm. When I am out of Nepal, I feel lacking of energies while eating all the different foods, fruits and with much less physical efforts. I don't feel life in these foods while is imported from another counties or greenhouse productions or frozen and kept green and fresh. I miss Nepal and pure Nepali natural and vital energies with full of Prana.  

Since my childhood I have been playing music. Nepali folk music, devotional hymns (Bhajans/kirtans), dance, SATSANG (speech) or reading Veda (related/ancient books) were among the only means of entertainment at that time. As my father was very interested and involved in the knowledge of in-depth physical and spiritual parts of life, our house was a kind of ashram (spiritual school) where villagers, visitors, Saddhus (sages), Mahatmas, ascetic were often invited and sharing their experiences. Puja, Hawans, reading of Mantras, Bhajans, Vedic books and their moral stories, situations and other spirituals and rituals activities were conducted in our house regularly which became like a spiritual gathering place where rare and unique personalities would churn in specific subjects. I bow to my parents that instead of thinking of money and material rich, they though and act on spiritual richness, inner growth, moral growth through these growth they have taught me and family to be honest, not to live for only ourselves but to get joy through serving, sharing and caring, talking same languages and emotions through mind and heart and be a natural, frank and truthful person instead of fake complimentary. This environment where I have grown was probably my luck and later became a strong interest. I felt that I was totally connected to the spiritual world in many different ways. This was nurturing my soul and self and mind which helped me to connect with and to attract absolutely needed matters from universal field/energies.

Not surprisingly, music was my major subject at the University. My early professional years were exclusively dedicated to the Nepalese music industry. I was a full-fledged professional musician and singer and, throughout the years, became a renowned national artist (author/lyricist, composer, singer, musical instruments player). I also became a sound technician involved in the arrangement of musical recordings as well as in acting and in the production of video. I later established Magical Creation Entertainment, a company involved in the creation, production and distribution of songs and music, mostly in Nepal but also worldwide via internet. I also did many stage and live performances. Later I got involved in the tourism industry, primarily to share my passion to foreign visitors about Nepalese culture and music, traditional knowledge and spirituality, local lifestyles and amazing landscapes. I am a licensed Tour/City guide and Trekking guide. I have established a Travel and Trekking company whose speciality is to propose unique travel experiences and amazing spiritual adventures, which include retreats in various locations of Nepal and Tibet. Despite all this, my soul and self were still thirsty for something else.

I was first introduced to the planetary Himalayan singing bowls when my experienced Swiss friend Jean-Daniel Ischemschmid who is also a planetary singing bowl therapist, international master, asked me to find him some singing bowls with specific planetary properties. He raised me in this field. As a sound engineer, I establish sound laboratory in Kathmandu, Nepal, which is dedicated in measuring and analyzing the frequencies, sound its meridians and other properties of singing bowls, Tingshaws, Bells, and Gongs. In cooperation with a team of Swiss IT engineer, François Corona, with his specific hardware and software was created for this purpose which we use to find precise and stable frequencies, sound and other properties.

Later I followed various courses in Switzerland, Kathmandu and elsewhere about planetary SONOTHERAPY and the traditional therapeutic use of Himalayan singing bowls. I also followed intensive courses about Singing bowls sound and gong massages, including with Peter Hess in Germany, Gong Master Don Conreaux and his associates in Spain. I was thus able to learn many techniques with experienced sound therapists, healers, vibro-acoustic teachers, Reiki teacher and over toning teachers. This knowledge helped me to distinguish the most effective and latest technics for me to provide the best quality and most effective methods.

These days I am investing all my time and energy to combine all these teachings, to apply them, to test them with physical reality and scientific evidences. I am completed devoted in the study, research, analysis and development of alternative methods to provide wellbeing through the means of planetary sound therapy/healing. Together with my colleagues and the involvement of doctors, psychologists, psychotherapists and other specialists in this field, we have established the "Physical and Psycho-emotional Health" association. We have the confidence that together we can bring amazing results with more scientific proofs. We aim at providing comfort, peace, harmony, love, understanding and respecting each human beings. I am open to serve the world through various ways as possible.

No matters how many people can learn something from me which can change their life towards positive, easy and serving path though I will feel grateful and succeed in my life mission if few of my students, followers, therapists and clients learn even a word, sentence or several and can change their life in better situation, I will feel successful for my birth. My contrarian way of life is not easy but to bring change to person, group or society, I must be strong, contrarian, strange and probably opposite than traditionally, culturally and mentally closed mentality and to guide those who have the level to upgrade, to connect with supreme power and bring change through heart level, with compassion, love, acceptance and life chakras knowledge. I feel and am in this life to change myself and to help other to upgrade from infant soul to old soul or to transcendantal  soul in this or next life according to our past Karmic gathering and purification in this life. 

"Live with joy and help to live other with ecstasy"



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