Packaging and delivery Info

TMI (TM Infinity sarl) Delivery Information

There are 3 types of delivery service we use to deliver consignment. To find out the actual time for any type of delivery service, first you must place your order in Cart.

When you click Add to cart button for any item, your chosen item goes in Cart-you can see it in upper right side of web page. If you click on the VIEW CART- you will see cost without shipping included. In this same page, you can choose delivery service type and find out the approximate time and cost of delivery.)

​​Delivery Times: (According to delivery service type)

Manufacturing or collecting time if required + Payment or credit approval time + Packing                                      time + Shipping time = Total delivery time.

1. Economic Service: The cheapest way though it takes 11-16 days from dispatch date.
2. Priority Service: Standard (medium) price, delivery from 6-9 days from dispatch date.
3. Express Service:  comparatively expensive but you will receive parcel in 4-5 days from dispatch date.
Approximate delivery time will be provided after you choose the type of delivery service.

Note:  The parcel will be dispatched after confirmation of payment. Dispatching time does not exceed 72 hours depending on delivery service type, geographical time zone etc. 

                                                2. PACKING

     Depending on your order volume, we use different materials and methods for packing.

A) Fully Secure : We pack our products/items in recycled newspapers, bubble plastic, thin foam or thermocol, according to how delicate is the item. It protects well inside. After that we use hardboard. Until now our clients were always grateful to receive their items in perfect condition. It is bit more weight but 100% secured. We recommend it for more fragile items and also for normal items to be confident.

B) Double Cardboard: Besides wrapping in newspapers, bubble plastic or foam, in this packing method we use double cardboard which is bit lighter in weight. It is medium safe. We recommend it for medium way for most of the non-fragile items.

C) Single Cardboard: All other inside packing materials are same but in this method we use single cardboard. It is standard in safety. We would suggest it for garments.

How many countries TMI can ship/send? 

We can ship all over the world.