COPPER WATER FILTER WITH PURE CERAMIC CANDLES, Hand work in Nepal, murky/dirty water best purifier to neutralize from all chemicals, virus, bacteria - Small Size (13 liter)

COPPER WATER FILTER WITH PURE CERAMIC CANDLES, Hand work in Nepal, murky/dirty water best purifier to neutralize from all chemicals, virus, bacteria - Small Size (13 liter)

Product Code:TM-TM-CPF-A-S01
Price: 245.00 CHF Ex Tax: 245.00 CHF
Name: Pure Copper Water Filter
Size: Small
Product Net Weight: 2500-2900 gm, 5.51-6.4 pound (app)
Product Net Height: 40 to 44 cm, 15.75-17.32 inch (app)
Product Net Diameter: 20-23 cm, 7.88-9.05 inch (app)
Capacity Approximate: 13 Liters (6 liters on upper container, 7 liters on container)
Color: Copper
Useses Metal: Copper

Note: This is manually made by hand according to traditional and intuitive knowledge which mean that size, Product Net Height, weight, and finishing of each next filter can be slightly different than other and may not be same finishing as industrial manufacture.

Suggestion: It is suggested to order Extra Candle for your Further need as shipping will cost nearly nothing while order together with filter comparing to single candle order.

Cleaning information: According quality of water and its mineral strength, it is suggested to clean filter and candles often with fresh lemon (there are also other products to clean copper utensils but lemon is best and natural) as per your requirement and feelings or when water is dropping slower than in beginning.

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These water filters with copper vessel are handcrafted by skilled Nepali artisans using traditional techniques. The upper part is the filtering system made of ceramic and different layers of sand, stones and coal while the lower part is the storage copper vessel.

The storage of water in copper vessels has been recommended in the ancient texts of Ayurveda for its specific properties. It is said to balance the three 'doshas', the essential components of the mind and body. It also charges the water with its purifying and other positive properties. As most of drinking water has been treated with chemicals and circulating through often old, dirty and corroded water pipes, it has accumulated quite a lot of negative memories. Water kept in this filter will be neutralized, charged with positive elements and brought to its natural state.

More recent researches and studies support this ancient practice and have identified a wide range of health benefits. Copper is an essential nutrients to human health. It has strong anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties with the ability to kill harmful bacterias (sterilizing effect of metals on bacteria). Ceramic candles used in these filters removes the turbidity, virus, bacterias, protozoa etc and improves water quality by bringing any type, taste of water to natural state which provides more prana in while drinking it. It also strengthens the immune system with the production of new cells and facilitates a faster healing of wounds, regulates the working of the thyroid gland as well as blood pressure, stimulates the brain, cleanses and detoxes the digestive system, and helps to maintain cardiovascular health. Copper is also a good tonic for the liver, spleen and lymphatic system. And order to enjoy its full benefits, it is recommended to keep the water overnight (at least 8 hours) in its copper vessel before drinking it.

Another (app)lication is to wash the face with this water. As copper is the main component in the production of melanin in our bodies, it stimulates the production of new cells to replenish the top most layers of your skin. It also helps the body stay safe from sun damage, speeds up wound healing and covers up scars. This water is also very good for 'jalneti' (the cleaning of nose) and can also be used to water plants.

Ø Before first use, Soak the ceramic candle in clean plain water for one day to get rid of its initial ceramic smell.
Ø For sterilisation boil the candles for few minutes before use.
Ø Remove soaked water in the candle by holding it from the top shaking well.
Ø The candle should be cleaned once a two weeks for efficient filtration though cleaning is required to decide yourself depending the quality of water you use. For example, if your water is Murky, we suggest you to clean filter once a week, if water is crystal clear, you may clean once a month, the important is water shall drop from the filters.
Ø No shop or detergent is to be used.
Ø Hold the candle on your palm and gently brush under running water from a tap until all dirts are removed.
Ø For sterilsation boil the candle once a 3-4 months if you use Murky water.

Q: How often shall I change ceramic candle of copper water purifying filter?
Ø A: According to the water quality, the filter can work for 2-3 years though it can be changed each year as your feelings.

Q: How to put Tap and Filter Candle in Water Filter?
A: Install the filter candles into the top filter Tank.
There is one metal washer, two rubber washer and 1 nut/bolt in the candle. Please do as following steps:
Step 1: Take the Filter candle softly.
Step 2: Put one rubber washer and one metal washer in candle metal part.
Step 3: Push it through the top tank from the inside.
Step 4: There will be stem coming out and we put one rubber washer and one nut in the stem and tight it.

TAP installation steps:
Step 1: Take the tap.
Step 2: Put one rubber washer in the tap.
Step 3: Push the tap in the hole of button Tank.
Step 4: Add one rubber washer and Nut in the Tap.
Step 5: Finally, Tight the tap with screw.
Now Filter is ready for use. However we suggest not to drink first time filtered water, instead you can irrigate it to plants that your plants and flowers that they will grow h(app)ily.

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