Jean Daniel Isenschmid was born in 27 November  1944 in lap of nature, Switzerland. After compulsory education, he joined High school of commerce and  administration on 1960. Then  for  next few years he spend time as typhographer,  phographer etc.  
​        His experience and  understanding of life is different  as a reslut he started different sports and activities.  1965 Underwater driver then Cantonal brevet  swiming instructor, Swiss Air rescuer, Samaritan or  helping person for humanity etc.  1980-1999 he  rescued several people in different part of the world  as professional helicopter rescuer of REGA (Swiss Air Rescue). In 1980 he became Swiss Life Saving Society (SSS) most important brevet as his main hobby was and is to help people as much as possible. 
               In search of dept inside ownself, he started Yoga on 1970. Yoga opened some ownward deepth therefore he started meditationin 1983. Eventhough being swiss (westerner) he is waking up at 5 and doing meditation more than an hour daily till now after his understanding that Meditation is important factor of lie.  On the way of Alternative methods of treatments, he got his first and second degrees of Karuna Reiki and Master degree in Usui and Karuna Reiki on 2003, still his way did not stop.
           He was in continuous flow of intutuion and physical world that only allopathy and scientific ways are not the complete understanding. His aim, understanding and experience of life pulled to follow unique, extra ordinary and secret path according to ancient knowledge. With great luck Jean Daniel  found his teacher in Switzerland who learnt Singing bowl Therapy with old tiberan refugee monk. He joined Singing bowls sound Therapy (sonotherapy) course on 2006 and continuous learning for 2 years. He got his Master degree in 3rd year of learning on 2009. During their learning period he found his new life partner, his way of intution (soul, self and spirit) which he is continuing. He was counted in best of all in his sonotherapy course and was also close and trustable, reliable participants of his teacher. His teacher refused to sell his working Singing bowl set to another participant in front of all just previous day but next day Jean Daniel got it with love and respect.  He understood that it was instruction for him to go ahead. Since then he continue working on Singing bowls as International Teacher, group therapist, individual therapist and volunteer in different countries.  His experience during his past days since he started to be connected in Yoga, meditation, Reiki, Planetary sound therapy, he became a perfect guide to heal/cure or guide therefore many people got profit by sound and vibrational therapy.
     His life itself is miracle  from different point of  views. His ENT speialist  Dr. Catherine says that  Jean Daniel's operation case was so complecate  that instead of 25  minutes of operation,  she had to spend 5  hours in surgery as his  cancer of throught was  expended all over the  neck and back. She could not believe he is still alive because as surgeon it was her first experience which was not shown by Xray and not imagined.  He has cured his Cancer as a reslut he is healthy in this age. When they visited Mongolia,  one Monk was welcoming him from airport unknownly  then was  attending in their hotel each day. He farewale them in airport at the end of their travel and mentioned that they were good brothers in past life. None know how that monk found JD. There was not any physical connection in this life. In Jean Daniel's life scientificly there are several unbelieveable events and moments which proofs he is special. He does not want to talk himself neither want to present or promote though ready to share these secred knowledge to them who are searching for it with readynes to help all living being.
        Jean Daniel is active, healthy and sportive in this age which surprise that he is climbing rock regularly and trekking and travelling a lot. He has visited 43 countries already, more are entered in calendar already.  
    After working with wellbeing singing bowls, JD realize that it is not precise to put in human body  as it is complecate mecanism. He discussed with his close friend Froncois Corona who is informatic tecnician/ engeneer in international company. They have found ways to measured and analyze each singing bowls to make it precise frequencies corresponding Planets or Celestial bodies. Froncois created new hardware and system to find exact frequencies of each sound and enter in his software which is now well developed by Emmanuel Maradan and Govinda Prasad Tiwari to expand it as a result it is easy to work. These methods with the systems, course matter and devices are protected by ISBN, Copyright, Design, Trademark, Service Mark and process on Patent as Boo & Corona Method. 
  It is very important to use precise frequencies while placing in body because entire world is vibratory being. This discovery of complex system brought big change in Singing Bowls and Sound Therapy field these days. JD has created PLANETARY SINGING BOWLS SOUND AND VIBRATIONAL THERAPY which is in use among his students and expanding slowly while people realize it is best method among other.
    Thankful to Jean Daniel that he discovered effective planetary Singing bowls Therapy  which is very useful and effective to change positively to all who use it. Nature has given limited time for each and everything. One who understand things on time - will be the gainer in life contrary doubtful person might be unhappy because of some issue action does not happen on time though realization comes at the end which mean already to late and probably no possibility anymore.
      He has rescued several lifes from physical dangerous similarly several lives will be rescued through mental, spiritual, through soul, self or  through subtal ways that his motto of life is to se Joy to each and every living being, through new alternative method. 

.........In the path of SIMPLICITY, TRUTH, LOVE AND TRUST........