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TMI Products and quality:

TM Infinity Sarl, Switzerland, which was involved in professional sound and vibrational Therapies, treatments, Sound and vibrational meditation, etc. Our company is established on 2018 but the owner has experiences since 2008 in this field. We are collaborating with experienced companies who are our mutual collaborators for producing, manufacturing, supplying and selecting products as per our requirements. We are providing well being, wellness health boosting activities. Our activities including importing and exporting of different goods. We are group of international countries with honesty, hard working, experienced and creative-minded people with deep knowledge in ancient traditional healing and treatment manners.  Most of our products are produced or made by the poor families, abandoned, abused and from rural side of Nepal, which mean we are directly or indirectly supporting those families by buying and selling these products. 

Very practical and trustable thing is that owner of the store has gained more than 2 decades long deep experience in various professional music fields through his professional hands, attentive and sensitive ears and loving heart. The items placed here (especially Singing bowls, Bells, Tingshaws, Gongs and all the musical instruments) are chosen by experienced professional Artist.

We try to inform if there is any small defect on our items, although Singing bowls can be with small scratches, irregular color, bit irregular size etc. This is normal as they all are handmade by master craftsmen according to ancient method which is keeping history alive. Certainly handwork cannot be compared with digital and technological machine's production.

Our aim is to serve with high quality goods and high-standard and user-comfortable service to develop trustable and long-term relation with our clients. TMI is responsible, national government registered, licensed, tax and VAT Payer Company with head office in Switzerland. We have professional experience of working with international clients that till today we have good reputation with positive testimonials, which is another positive factor.  "Let's live and let to live with Joy"

Customer Service:

In our warehouse/stock we have many more items that are variable in size, colour, decoration, carving, height, diameter etc., that are not displayed in this website, therefore we kindly request to send inquiry without any hesitation. It will be our pleasure to provide you all details of the products including prices and catalogue that you can have exact what you are looking for.

We will write you back as soon as possible with required details.

For any queries, problems or concerns with respect to the delivery of your order please contact our Customer Service Department at email ..........

TM Infinity Sarl

Rue Basse 31, 1422, Grandson

( Center/shop: Ch. des Valangines 3, 2000 Neuchatel), Switzerland


Hot Lines: +41 77 211 41 02 or +41 79 884 01 58