JEAN DANIEL ISENSCHMID - Planetary Singing Bowl Master



Jean-Daniel Isenschmid was born on 27th November 1944 in Switzerland. After completing his compulsory school and higher commercial studies, he undertook a 4-years apprenticeship as a typographer and obtained his Federal Proficiency Certificate (Certificat Fédéral de Capacité). He then worked for a printing company in which he further enhanced his experience and training in this field. In 1970, he became Head of Department (Photocomposition) of a state-of-the-art company before setting up his own company in 1983 which he has run and managed for over 30 years.

His different sports activities and related certifications (swimming instructor, CMAS open water diver, first aid and rescue) led him to follow a training as a flight assistant at GASS Garde Aérienne Suisse de Sauvetage (Swiss Air-rescue). Between 1980 and 1995, besides his professional activities as an entrepreneur, Jean-Daniel also worked as a rescue worker at GASS (which later became REGA). Between 1995 and 2000, he continued his collaboration with REGA in the field of Public Relations.

During his leisure time, Jean-Daniel is doing trekking and mountains climbing. He also relentlessly travels and sails around the world, with 47 countries visited so far.

Out of curiosity, he started yoga in 1967 and discovered meditation in 1983 from a Lama who introduced him to some Tibetan Masters. The latter taught him different meditation and other ancestral techniques in a monastery in which he went into retreat for some time. Since then, Jean-Daniel is continuously practising and applying these techniques daily as well as teaching them.

This spiritual path led him to Reiki Usui and Karuna and he became a Reiki Master in 2003. During his numerous travels in Asia, Jean-Daniel got fascinated by the Himalayan singing bowls and their properties. In 2006, he got acquainted with a teacher in sound therapy who was himself a former student of a Tibetan Sound Master. This particular encounter prompted him to start his initiation and formation as a Sound Therapist with Himalayan planetary bowls, which he completed in 2009. Since then, Jean-Daniel practises and teaches these techniques in Switzerland and abroad.

Yet, noticing that the quality and properties of the bowls available in the market were not up to the required standards, Jean-Daniel started his search of planetary bowls of quality at a reasonable price. With the help of a friend who is passionate about technology, Mr. François Corona, they develop a method of measurement of bowls to ensure precision and quality. Along with Jean-Daniel’s spouse, Ms. Antoinette Boo, they continued their searches in Nepal where they meet and associate with Mr. Govida Pd. Tiwari, a renown national artist and sound engineer and doing continuous cooperation. 

They are now working all together to find planetary Himalayan singing bowls with the most valuable properties, to ensure their respective qualities and to develop the teaching of these techniques.

.........In the path of SIMPLICITY, TRUTH, LOVE AND TRUST........

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