GONG MASTER International Intensive TRAINING with TANTRIK MIRROR GONG SPECIAL in Riga, Latvia

(booking will be closed soon)

"When there is wish, universe arrange the solutions" 
23 to 27 August 2017, Don Conreaux (the supreme Master of the most of the world's Gong masters) is leading intensive international Gong Master Training course in Riga, Latvia! Don't miss it as this is the best opportunity to be with Master Don and get his life experience of more than 80 years and his universal knowledge from him directly, by his own words. This is a very good chance for all those who have taken Sound path and who are professionally working with Gongs and also for those who are completely new or amateurs in the field. Not only Riga city, but all the participants who will get Don's teaching, will dance in their hearts. Thousands of heartful thanks to Master Don for accepting and letting the most awaited precious moment in  lifes of participants to take place. 
We - Govinda & Jana  - invite you to join us this summer in Latvia, Riga to learn with Master Don the sacred ancient knowledge with TANTRIK MIRROR GONG SPECIAL and get another level of being to serve the world towards it's better path. 
With Simplicity, Truth, Love and Trust. 

* TANTRIK MIRROR GONG / 8 conners of Heaven gong with mask ( Don's new creation secret Gong learning.)
* The Art and Skill of Playing Gong and Singing Bowls
* The Art and Skill of vocalizing, toning, Over-Toning, chanting and finding  your inner Songs.
* Introduction and application of modern and ancient instruments used in  performance and healing by native cultures from different parts of the world. 
*  Multi-Instrumentality
* Sacred Tone Improvisation – Spiritual Free Jazz
* Public Ceremony and Healing Performance
* Gong Pooja
* Leading Sound Meditations and Therapeutic Gong Baths both individual    and group settings.
* Introduction to MEM Gong Yoga Kriya, Breath and Meditation.
* Philosophy, Science and History of Music – a practical approach.
* Hard Scientific Sound Research – The effect of sound on the Brainwaves  through EEG research and other related videos. 
* Certificate of attendance

This master-class will be very useful to people who are interested in vibroacoustic therapy, and also to artists and musicians who are creating and integrating new directions in music with both sensational and spiritual value by using different instruments, technics (including trance technics) and styles

We welcome you to use this rare "golden" chance to learn from great Master Don, and not only learn but to experience and explore how to convert our negative daily life routine to joyfulness and awareness, and wisdom. And probably to change our life to better quality and make it full of inner peace, compassion and love, and better relationship with ourselves, our families and friends and people around us. And not only by giving sound bath and cleaning all the stress, dis-eases away etc. but by starting our transformation from inside.

Training time: 
23 August - 10:00 - 19:00
24,25,26 August - 10:00 - 19:00 
26 - 27 August  - Gong Night
27 August  - 10:00 - 16:00

Cost or workshop €650
Early bird discount bookings before 5th AUGUST - €580   !!! Hurry up, this offer may close sooner! 


Dear participants! here is payment detail with terms and conditions:

Please find important information needed to complete your payment of Gong Master Training participation fee!

  • Please note that early birds get the best price - 580 EUR until 5th August but may expire soon. 
  • Course fee after 5th August is 650 EUR.
  • Minimum 35% of this amount is to be payed by transfer,  rest 65 % by cash during the course or in second transfer.
  • Family discounts apply - each family member gets discount (with family approving documents)
  • As well as groups 3+ people can get discount too
  • Participation in the course is registered only after minimum 35% of payment is done. Please do not delay as the number of places is limited.
  • In the case of cancellation by participants, only 20% of payed amount will be returned.
  • All the bank transfer costs are paid by sender/Participant.

Course Venue: 

Deju studija "Dzirnas" ​​Lāčplēša iela 106/108, Riga, Latvia (12 minutes walk from Central Station, Riga).
Can be reached by walk about 20-30 minutes from most part of the Riga or regular public transport)

BANK DETAILS to send payment:

Please contact in following mail for advance payment and other required detail. 

Address : Dzirnavu iela 60a-24, LV-1050, Rīga, Latvia (pay attention, bank system may not accept ,# - etc sign. If so no need to use)

Payment details/paid forPLEASE COPY THIS TEXT and PASTE ---> GMT of Don Conreaux 23-27.08 (Please mention bolded text in payment detail)
Once transfer is done, please provide us copy of transfer document.  

Please contact us for payment and if any further queries by writing to below mails: We request to contact us before transfer. 


Govinda - (language: English, Nepali, French)
Jana - (Language: Latvian, Russian




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